Hi, I’m Billy Bira Cosme

A tenacious, loving, and energetic filmmaker, photographer, and animator who enjoys grabbing my camera and running out to capture some unforgettable images.

I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish when needed.
We respect diversity and plurality.

Early on in Brazil

I’m fascinated by film and photography and their ability to transport the imagination to amazing places. Early on, I fell in love with the idea of filming my own productions, so I set out to learn everything I could about storytelling, and I did just that. I produced my first short film in 1998, and I entered both short and medium-length films into my first film festival in 1999. Since then, I have made many more films and entered many more festivals. In 2004 I finished my post-graduate degree in Film and expanded my video production company, Voarte Filmes, to the next level.


I have been teaching myself filmmaking and cinematography for the past thirty years, and I’m still learning every day. I’m growing my business as a filmmaker, taking photos and making animations, studying some Mixed Reality (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360 Videos), and teaching photography and videography when I have the time.
Now, as the father of a baby, Maya, I’ve had to optimize my precious time better in order to continue doing what I love with excellence and make my clients happy!

Meet Lilian Cosme

Lilian is always part of the team, bringing her artistic perspective. She started studying photography in 2006 at her University’s photography workshop, where she later tutored students alongside the professor.